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About Single Parents in Oregon

In Oregon, single-parent households face significant challenges that put them at a disadvantage compared to two-parent households. Nearly one-quarter of children in the U.S. live with a single parent, and single-parent families, particularly those led by single mothers, are more likely to experience financial hardship. In Oregon, about 34% of children live in single-parent families, with many of these households struggling to meet basic needs due to lower income levels​.

Support for single parents is crucial in providing stability and opportunities for both the parents and their children, helping them overcome these systemic challenges and build a better future. Addressing these issues requires targeted support and resources to help single parents and their children thrive.

What Can You Do?

Donating to The Brooks Foundation brings you closer to the heart of our community by focusing on working single parents and their children in need of critical financial support for life’s unexpected emergencies.

What Your Donations Are Doing For Our Community

You can help strengthen our community. Your donations help struggling working single parents and their children get through tough times and back on their feet. Know that you are building for the future of our community and making a significant impact. Your donations go directly to paying these parents’ expenses (e.g., landlords, mechanics, utility bills). The Brooks Foundation is operated entirely by volunteers.

Our Commitment

At The Brooks Foundation, we believe every single parent and their children deserve stability. But the reality is, working single parents often face unique challenges – financial strain, limited resources, and the constant weight of responsibility.